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I've got your back! You "knead" me.

Our lives have become more and more stressful and hectic. Many factors contribute, such as long hours behind a desk, postoperative pain, and sports injuries to name a few. We have to seek time or ways to help alleviate aches and pains as a result of those factors. I can help with that. A massage can be extremely beneficial. Whatever reason you book a massage, at Kneading Shannon Massage, I have the experience and knowledge to provide a treatment that is effective and focused.

Along with a host of other benefits, massage therapy can help you sleep better, combat stress, reduce muscle pain and tension, preparing for an event or recovering from competition, a therapeutic massage can increase athletic performance, and generally enhance feelings of well-being. In other words, massage therapy makes you feel good and keeps you happy!


Our massages not only benefit the body, but they also benefit the mind as well. Experience mental and spiritual healing as your mind releases stress and worry, and allows a renewed sense of energy and emotional well-being to enter your spirit. I am looking forward to helping you on your journey to wellness!     

Kneading Shannon Massage
Maryland License #R00406
Shannon Reed
(410) 262-6681

massage... part art, part science, part heart


Let me dedicate my life today,
to the care of those
who come my way.

Let me touch each one
with healing hands,
and the gentle art
for which I stand.

Let the divine force
flow from me to you,
let our energy
and spirit renew.

And when tonight
when day is done,
let me rest in peace
if I helped just one.


Shannon is skilled, professional, and very friendly. She asked up front where I was having any pain and focused on those areas first before moving on to the rest of the massage. She was very focused on making me feel comfortable, which I greatly appreciated. She targeted the knots I knew about, addressed some additional tight muscles, and overall made such a difference! I'm looking forward to my next visit, and highly recommend her!

— Ashley Todd-Diaz

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