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  • What to expect at your first massage.
    If this is your first time receiving a massage with me you will be asked to complete a health intake form. At your convenience, I will send the form by email, or it can be filled out in person when you come in 15 minutes early for your massage. This form will help me tailor a session that will match your needs. It will also help me determine if you have any conditions that would rule out massage, due to health risks.
  • Privacy: I am self-conscious of my much do I undress? Do I need to be covered with a sheet?
    I get these questions sometimes. It's more so about being self-conscious of your own body. I understand that you think I'm going to judge how your body looks, but I don’t even notice. I see all type of bodies so believe me that I won’t be judging you. For example, if you are one of those women that forget to shave their legs, I won’t mind one bit. Unless you have coarse hair that rips my hands apart, then I may mind a little bit. All joking aside, I seriously want you to feel comfortable. For female clients, it's to take your bra off, to make it easier to work on your back and shoulders and not get lotion on it. I will leave the room for you to undress, leaving undergarments on if you need to. You will get on the massage table and cover yourself with a sheet and blanket in privacy. The only time a blanket is not used is when I am giving a Lomi Lomi Massage, but you are still covered with a sheet. For a Sports massage you can wear workout type shorts and we won't need a sheet covering you unless you prefer to be covered. Before entering, I will knock on the door to make sure you've had enough time. To respect personal privacy, provide adequate warmth, and professionalism you will be covered or draped with a sheet and/or blanket at all times so that only the part of the body being worked on is exposed.
  • Policies
    Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out your intake form, relax and prepare yourself. If you filled the form out online you can arrive 10 minutes prior. If you arrive late for your appointment, your session will promptly end at the scheduled time so that the next client is not delayed. Full payment for your session is expected. Please remember to turn off all cell phones so that you may thoroughly relax and enjoy your session.
  • Cancellations
    A missed appointment is a loss to us both. Please provide 24 hours notice if cancellation is necessary. Otherwise, you will be asked to honor payment. Family emergencies and inclement weather is excluded of course.
  • Confidentiality
    As with any health care provider, client confidentiality is very important. All conversation and shared information are kept strictly confidential.
  • Does massage therapy hurt?
    Massage therapy shouldn't hurt. Occasionally there is mild aching when the massage therapist applies pressure over "knots" and other areas of muscle tension. If the pressure is too strong for you, or your body is fighting back but it does not hurt you because you have a high pain tolerance, please let me know because that means the pressure is too much. Your body should stay relaxed during the session.
  • What should I expect after massage therapy?
    Massage can be profoundly relaxing, affecting all your body's systems. After the session is over, allow yourself a few moments before getting up and do so slowly by rolling to your side first, to allow you to adjust to the changes in your body. Sometimes you may not feel a dramatic result right away. Over the next few days note any changes such as pain relief, increased mobility, or better sleep. Sometimes people are sore after a massage, especially after deep therapeutic work. This is normal and should go away in a day or two. This should be no more than how you feel after a good work out. You may feel dehydrated after a massage and can drink some water after. I will hand you a bottle of water. Make sure you are hydrated before the massage as well and go to the bathroom before we start. It is not very comfortable to receive treatment with a full bladder. If you need to eat beforehand please make sure it is a half hour or more before.
  • When should I not receive a massage?
    First and foremost, if you have any concerns please consult your physician first. In general, massage is an extremely safe form of therapy; however, there are some situations (some cancers) where massage should be avoided. AIDS(where there are cuts or lesions) Areas of local infection(e.g. shingles, ringworm, athlete's foot). Bruising (never work directly over a bruised area). Eczema (weeping). Fever or high temperatures. Full stomach-always allow at least an hour between eating a meal and receiving massage. Heart conditions. Menstruation (some schools suggest no massage during the first two days). In practice be much, much gentler over the abdomen. Nausea. Open cuts and sores. Pregnancy (some schools suggest no massage during the first three months). In practice just be much, much gentler on the lower back and avoid the abdominal area. Recent major operation. Recent scar tissue. Swelling or inflammation. Thrombosis or phlebitis (painful clot in the vein). Varicose veins- especially when the veins are painful or swollen.


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